Calcium carbonate compound or filler masterbatch

Calcium carbonate compound is high density polyethylene filled with calcium carbonate. This grade features excellent filler dispersion in polymer resin, of good tensile strength and rigidity of produced film.

Cleaning compound

Cleaning compound is an efficient, high-performance chemical purging compound especially suited for color and material changes for thermoplastic injection molding and extrusion machines. has low adhesion to metal surfaces and hence it is easy to separate metal parts of the extruder and to clean them when it is used prior to a strip and clean. Cleaning compound is high performance & general purpose. Cleaning compound Ideal for applications involving low flow or low pressure environments where foaming action is critical

Drip irrigation pipe compound

Drip irrigation pipe compound is a black linear low density polyethylene compound. It is suitable for the production of pipes for drip irrigation. has good resistance to UV radiation of the sun and good weatherability. is a very sufficient dispersion of additives in the base resin. So there is no decrease in mechanical properties of end use product. also has Thermal Stabilizer to protect the compound in process.

Plastic wood compound

Compound PP/Wood Flour (WPC-Wood plastic compound) containing between 30% and 45% of wood fillers. High Degree of fluidity for injection of parts with thicknesses even less than 3 mm; excellent overall balance of mechanical and thermal properties, high impact resistance.

Polyethylene powder compound

Polyethylene powder compound is a well-established powder compound range based on carefully selected color pigment or premium TiO2 and calcium carbonate filler with and without any content of fluorescence whitener. These products are designed for use in rotational molding process. These powder compounds are used individually without any additional ingredients. As the standard range has developed many other formulations to suit more specific requirements.


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