Easily soluble in organic solvents such as benzene, chloroform and so on; slightly soluble in esters, but insoluble in polar solvents, such as water, alcohols and so on. Low toxicity, good thermostability, non-hydrolyzable, etc. The peculiarity of the product (is that it) can all be retrieved if soaking in the hot water at 90±1°C within 14 hours and its quality will not be affected.

Antistatic additive

AS-190 is an internal antistatic additive for transparent and non-transparent polyolefins and PVC. It has good thermal stability, after melt mix and dispersed into the polymer, it migrates to the surface where it absorbs the moisture of the atmosphere, reducing the surface resistivity and dissipating the static charge.

Lubricant additive

When SL-E is mixed with a polymer, it reduces friction between the polymer and processing equipment and also between the polymer-polymer inter-faces. Due to its migration, a thin film of SL-E is formed on the surface of the finished product and this provides the slip effect and anti-block performance. SL-E (Erucamide) is recommended for use in both LDPE & LLDPE as well as PP film grade applications.SL-E (Erucamide) better high temperature performance than SL-O (Oleamide). This makes it particularly more useful for PP Film applications because SL-E allows higher processing temperatures. The longer carbon chain of Erucamide causes a delayed migration in comparison to Oleamide, which is a required property, if printing or sealing is carried out directly after processing the film.

Silicone additive

Improving the processing performance, less extruder torque, reduced equipment wear, better mold filling and reduced product defect rate. Obviously lower the coefficient of friction, improve surface smoothness, enhance the surface silk texture, scratch and abrasion resistance. Enhanced fuel resistance, reduced smoke density, improve the impact strength and surface gloss of fuel resistance (high filling) materials Good dispersion, no bleeding on surface.

PVC thermal stabilizer or PVC stabilizer

excellent long-term heat stability.Pigmentation effect of basic primary lead Stabilizers beneficial in light colored applications. low solubility in water, no leaking into the environment .no odor during processing and in the final product. No detrimental effects on the softening temperature of rigid PVC.

Zinc stearate

prevent from precipitation. good thermal stability & weather ability. the most important advantage for ZN stabilizer is non-toxic in all PVC heat stabilizers. economic property in soft/semi-rigid applications. improve products’ outdoor property. stable in shape-making.

Calcium stearate

as most environmental friendly PVC heat stabilizers, it has very good process performances. good thermal stability & weather ability. anti-severe sunlight, anti-sulfide pollution. good compatibility & dispersion with PVC. its economic property in soft/semi-rigid applications.

Gloss additive

Brilliant, neutral white cast that compensates for yellowing Low volatility and excellent heat resistant make the product ideal for use in fibers and in engineering plastics processed at high temperatures In combination with dyes, produces particularly bright shades Good light fastness


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