“We like that (Donahoe) comes from technology and

Sofia Sandoval Isaac of Guadalajara, Mexico filmed the moment an inquisitive baby gray whale swam up to her boat to say hello. Another person on the boat is seen splashing water, apparently in a bid to encourage it to come closer. The video shows Ms Isaac reaching down to pet the playful whale calf, who remained under the watchful eye of its mother throughout the interaction..

wholesale nba basketball Donahoe, who has been on Nike’s board since 2014, will join the sneaker maker from cloud computing firm ServiceNow Inc, where he was CEO for more than four years. Prior to that, he led online retailer eBay for the seven years through 2015. In an interview to CNBC, Parker said the change was unrelated to the Oregon Project or any other issues.Parker joined Nike as one of its first footwear designers in 1979, and held several roles during his tenure at the company before taking charge as its top boss in 2006.Credited with creating the popular Nike Air sneakers as well as other pioneering products, Parker, in the past few years, oversaw https://www.buynbajerseys.org Nike’s shift to selling directly to customers online and its success in international markets, particularly China.He will become Nike’s executive chairman and continue to lead the board after Donahoe takes over as CEO.”We like that (Donahoe) comes from technology and that he comes from the digital space and we like that he is a strategist and a leader. wholesale nba basketball

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cheap nba jerseys Despite the pall cast over so many aspects of our existence these days, Raul Midn’s one man concert from his home studio shines with a vibrant appreciation of the beauty of life, down to its smallest details. It kicks off with two tracks from The Mirror, an album released just as we entered our quarantine period in mid March: “I Love The Afternoon” and “I Really Want To See You Again,” a song that poetically captures the joy of friendship. Midn’s jazz influenced vocal phrasing throughout comes to the fore with just his acoustic guitar as accompaniment, illustrating once again why he’s normally one of the bright spots on our musical landscape and even more so at this moment cheap nba jerseys.

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