We are looking for people with stories to tell about

Read the news. The next juicy protagonist might actually be right in front of you in the papers, on the Internet or featured in a magazine. Great characters can be based on the real lives of politicians, celebrities, heroes and everyday people. “I’m obviously upset that it wasn’t just our win, but I’m still happy we won the state championship. That’s awesome, that’s amazing,” said senior Shannon Keefe, whose team captured the program’s first state crown since 2003. “But I think we’re crying more because the season is over, not that we didn’t win.

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nba cheap jerseys At this extraordinary time, we are seeking essays, poems, graphic art, photographs and other submissions from individuals on how the coronavirus is impacting them. Please keep to essays to 650 words or fewer and poems to no more than 300 words, and include “CORONAVIRUS MY STORY” in the subject line. We are looking for people with stories to tell about the humanity, the grit, the soul of this moment in ways that transcend the news of the day. nba cheap jerseys

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