“Try calling really early in the morning

Few people have the honor and opportunity to serve their neighbors in the state Senate and House of Representatives. Few duties before you are more important than protecting the health, safety and well being of Connecticut’s people. This is a priority all elected officials share, and now more than ever, together we urge you to perform that duty..

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cheap jerseys As soon as you get someone on the phone, say “Please take down my number and call me back if we get disconnected.”Try calling really early in the morning. Pay attention to the hold music. It changes the closer you get to someone who can help. Genevieve Fullilove has been with Robert Half for more than 12 years and started in the company’s Accountemps division, managing temporary placements in the accounting and finance industry. Since then, she’s held roles as Division Director, Branch Manager and now Vice President of the permanent placement team. During her long career in professional staffing, she has sat on the Cheap Jerseys free shipping board for the Institute of Management Accountants (IMA) and has been a sought after speaker for the International Association of Administrative Professionals (IAAP) cheap jerseys.

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