To those on the outside, he may have appeared as a

The union believes the issue of 2020 compensation was settled by a late March agreement calling for players to be paid prorated shares of their full salaries, based on the number of games played. The league believes that agreement pertained only to games with fans, and that games without fans requires a different calculus and a further financial concession from players to account for the diminished revenue. The language in the agreement is vague enough to permit either view..

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cheap nfl jerseys North Carolina’s Republican controlled state Legislature has mandated that the state’s schools reopen Aug. 17 regardless of coronavirus infection rates, sparking an outcry from labor unions representing educators.Randi Weingarten, the head of the American Federation of Teachers, said that while she is generally in favor of reopening schools in the fall, doing so will require careful planning and expensive safety precautions. She said the delayed guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has posed a major challenge, particularly since the Department of Education has been completely disengaged. cheap nfl jerseys

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