Their bodies showed the natural decomposition that

Idk if prompts can still be sent. But I love what you did with the Christmas one I sent you. You have a gift of making something so grand and awesome in just a few sentences. I have a very distinct memory of coming back from YMCA summer camp with my older sister. As we were driving away, my she starts singing a song she learned that day with the kids her age. I remember the tune and some of the words, and it was creepy as hell to a seven year old.

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Then we discovered that it wasn’t just hot to trot youngsters who would bare all in the name of, well, something. (Exactly what I’m not sure anyone has taken the time to pinpoint: Exposure? That canonical quarter hour? The idea that any publicity is good publicity? Some pie in the sky dream of stardom that most often translates into the opportunity to dodge Hef’s Viagra fueled paws?) Whatever the cause, putative adults have displayed their eagerness to endure the sadistic attentions of camo suited sadists (Boot Camp), Chanel suited sadists (The Weakest Link), birthday suited sadists (Survivor), and even Regis Philbin in the pursuit of some numinous grace. Next season, watch for the Damon/Affleck The Runner, which strikes me as an excellent incitement to vigilante action.

You been attached at the hip with Auston Matthews since you were a little girl. Your parents met during a Back to School Night in elementary school and hit it off. They loved that their budding friendship came with a built in best friend for their shy daughter.

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