“Senior adviser Kevin Hassett said the White House is

Often times, when you look at your portfolio, you realize you have a lot of equity. I always tell people to consider the return on your investment versus the return on your equity. If you could get more investing that money somewhere else than the equity is providing you right now, sell it, do a 1031 exchange.

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And the reason we’ve got to do more is to avoid longer run damage to the economy.”Senior adviser Kevin Hassett said the White House is in a “wait and see mode” on whether the country needs more help from the federal government.”It’s been really encouraging to see how quickly businesses around the country have begun to ramp up,” Hassett told reporters.Trump met with restaurant owners and executives in the afternoon. He again called for companies to be able to fully deduct business meals in restaurants and for other entertainment expenses.”That’s going to create a tremendous amount of business. Rubio named acting chair of intelligence panelFlorida Sen.

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