Plus, if it should happen to get away from you,

Which I love, the Tennessee Waltz. But this is swing and line dancing on steroids. I am not breaking a sweat I am pouring. We were just trying to stay alive,” he said.The cyclone has now dissipated. But the pandemic hasn’t.In the past 48 hours, the cyclone killed 77 people and the coronavirus nine in West Bengal, one of India’s poorer states. Even before the cyclone, its pandemic response was lagging; the state has one of the highest fatality rates from COVID 19 in India.”I have never seen such a disaster before,” said West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee.The challenges are many: crowded shelters could emerge as viral clusters, outbreaks of other diseases triggered by the cyclone and flooding, and jobless migrant workers returning to villages from cities like Mumbai and New Delhi, potentially bringing the virus with them.The pandemic made evacuations harder since many cyclone shelters were being used for quarantining virus patients.

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