On the world famous Atlantic City Boardwalk

Not every NHL franchise is the same, and some teams better benefit certain players than others. That’s why a young star needs to end up on the team that best fits their style of play, so they can start establishing their legacy from the start of their career rather than wasting their talent year after year on a team that isn’t going anywhere. Of course, that doesn’t mean players can’t still be great on mediocre teams, but to really shine, a star has to show what they have in the playoffs..

Columbus then benefited from a blown call. After the puck appeared to go into the netting and back onto the ice behind Boston’s goal, Panarin ended up with it and poked it in close range. The Bruins protested, but the play was not subject to review because the scoring player, Panarin, wasn’t the first to possess the puck off the net..

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I’m going to paraphrase some of those sentiments over a few tweets here. I want to stress every player I spoke with requested anonymity for obv reasons”I (unfortunately) moved to Atlanta after the team had already moved. But from people I talked to who did get to go to games, they loved it.

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