” Now, we had just signed a little label deal back in

Tommy James: I heard another group play “Hanky Panky.” Now, we had just signed a little label deal back in my hometown of Niles, Mich. This was back in I was in high school, and I had my band The Shondells. And I worked in a record shop after school, and the fella who was a local DJ started a label and asked us to be on it.

I remember like it was yesterday. In 1993 I was a relative newbie to Silicon Valley when a work colleague invited me to a Sharks vs. Detroit game. Pourquoi? Je me suis arrt au Lord Reading Yacht Club, Beaconsfield. Trois hommes travaillaient sur les quais. L’hiver a t rude.

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Last year, six players with Alabama football roots landed contracts worth at least $50 million. So far this offseason, one has. But while eight state players got contracts worth at least $20 million in free agency last year, seven have done so in 2020.

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Mindy: Scott, I am doing fantastic. We had a great weekend this weekend. The sun is shining bright and beautiful and I am just having a really great time. People used to think the story was hyperbole, but I’ve held to the practice and taught it to my kids. Now, COVID has made people a bit more appreciative of her public health announcements. Ward.) click to enlarge Sonya Mull.

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