It’s funny because there was never an intentional

It should be really fun. We’re trying to entertain. It’s not a major. So for the fourth year in a row they’ve done it. We’re excited to be here. There’s a familiarity for us as a group. Looking back, recalling happy memories or past triumphs is one thing, but not if they stop you moving forward, they can be destructive. Whether you choose change, or whether it’s foisted upon you, the one thing you can control is the way you react to it and clearly adopting a positive attitude makes sense. I moved a few months ago, and I am going through several changes such as changing my social activities, changing doctors, shopping at different stores, and changing churches.

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Ultra Music Festival 2014 will once again be bringing together the biggest names in EDM in Miami. Alongside big name DJ’s there’s also a fantastically diverse range of live acts that are ready to set the party city alight this March. Whether you’re a dance music fanatic or favour house or drum and bass, there’s something for everyone at this three day spectacular.

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