It was a move that was second guessed because of

One day I got up and he packs his bags and said he had enough and walked out. He said I was not being loyal. This is a man who has been doing coke since age of 14 and he is now 43 years old. Ro Khanna (D Calif.), a former campaign co chair, said he’s told Sanders that he should remain a visible leader of the progressive movement. Sanders, who is 78, seemed to agree, according to other aides.”Bernie Sanders will continue to be a leader, if not the leader, for tens of millions of people in this country who want to see real progressive change,” said Weaver, who still advises Sanders despite their disagreements over the super PAC.In recent weeks, Sanders has spent time selecting people to serve on the “unity” policy task forces he formed with Biden in an effort to nudge the presumptive democratic nominee to the left. He also has held numerous online sessions on the coronavirus, worked on progressive legislation, and endorsed and raised money for a slate of liberal candidates the markings of what Sanders sees as his role now, Shakir said.After Sanders’ campaign ended, he held a call with thousands of volunteers and allowed groups that endorsed him to make a pitch to them.

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