I was trying to hide in my car

New conditions are substantively unreasonable because they interfere with California regulatory regime, utility lawyers argued. The conditions, even if they could be met, would not improve safety and may well increase wildfire risk. The Governor Office nor the Public Utilities Commission would answer questions about the judge order or say whether they agreed with the ruling..

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Couldn’t actually get home, because Yonge Street was just piled up; nobody moving, everybody was just with flags outside, running around screaming, knocking on the windows. I was trying to hide in my car, because people were walking and traffic wasn’t moving. They were knocking on the windows, with flags and stuff, screaming.

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In all, O’Ree’s career in the NHL was brief. In his two stints with Boston, first in 1958 and in the 1960 1961 season, he played in 45 games, scored four goals and had 10 assists. But he stayed in hockey much longer than that. The archive of the late African American architect Paul Revere Williams has been acquired by the University of Southern California School of Architecture and the Getty Research Institute. (AP Photo/David F. Smith, File).

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