I am using two orphan skeins of Southwest Trading Co

Thanks Shawn. Yes the demise of the golfing industry is tenuous at best. And to convince them to spend more money to save money is not going to be easy. To be clear: While past Democratic campaigns have also employed microtargeting, Parscale’s operation is calibrated to capitalize on Trump’s own fetish for lying and outlandish conspiracies. Indeed, Trump’s 2016 campaign engaged in similar tactics. Likewise, Trump and Parscale are deploying “swarms of surrogates” to attack and dox unfriendly members in the press, a process Donald Trump Jr.

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And so that’s how our marriage really began. And we slowly worked closer towards each other to where we are now. You know, in a good place, where we’ve had lots of budget conversations. All they do is dismiss your comments and clam up whenever you around as they feel they being scrutinised. A better way is to challenge them very gently by reminding them of a time when they did something good. For example, you hear a sufferer say: useless, I never get anything right.

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