He’s taught “Baseball in America” at the University

I got to meet the NBA staff and players including the legendary Dwayne Wade of Miami Heat,” he says. Ask him about the difference in the playing styles in India and abroad based on what he has observed so far, Pranav explains, “In Indian teams, if there are one or two good players, our coaches insist that only those basketballers must score the basket and others in the team have to just make space for them. But basketball is a team sport.

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ISO 17025 accreditation is such a difficult standard to achieve that it is surprisingly rare in the world of laboratories. Most university labs are not ISO accredited, and many do not follow the rigorous quality control processes required at ISO accredited laboratories. Surprisingly, most labs offering commercial testing services are also not ISO accredited because achieving that level of accreditation takes years of dedication to analytical excellence..

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“You’re so hormonally crazy as a teenager dealing with all of these feelings that never existed before and I think Normal People captures that. Although they seem very mature and smooth compared to us, even sexually. I laugh now at how seriously I took it, like it was the one relationship I was ever going to have and it was going to work out perfectly, like all the TV shows and movies..

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