He has always displayed an iffy admiration for

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Had even one of these characters chosen to be decent in difficult situations, instead of reacting with insecurity, fear, and jealously, we wouldn have had a movie. More than most other directors, Ritchie relies on the human tendency to be terrible to be able to tell his stories; there very little redeeming value to these people. He has always displayed an iffy admiration for morally dubious men, to the extent of affecting a Cockney accent in real life.

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Masters ChampionThis is the initial installment of a new monthly Hub that I will be publishing dedicated to the athlete, professional or amateur, who has performed above and beyond in their respective sport or in their contribution to their sport and society. Some winners will be very familiar names while others you may have never heard of. As the winner of this prestigious monthly award this athlete will join their other selected colleagues to be forever placed upon the HubPages pedestal of honor.

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