Colorful Masterbatch

The colourful masterbatch is made of PE and PP as carriers, inorganic pigments and organic dyes with high-performance

additives. The particles are uniform and beautiful in appearance, cylindrical or flat-round in shape, uniform in color, good dispersibility, stability and heat resistance. It is widely used in packaging film, pots, bottles, caps, pipes, containers, toys,

household appliances, office supplies, automotive accessories and all kinds of construction. It is suitable for all kinds of blow moulding, extrusion, injection moulding, casting, wire drawing, chemical fibre and other processing fields.

White Masterbatch

The quality of white Masterbatches depends on the characteristics of the TitaniumDioxide(TIO2) used in the production phase. Furthermore, the ratio of TitaniumDioxide within the Masterbatch, or its “concentration” is also of utmost importance. White Masterbatches with plain, standard white tones are usually used in the packaging industry and “disposable” products. Masterbatches used for Film Packaging,Blow Moulding Packaging,Thermoform Packaging, etc. are usually marketed with descriptions indicating 30% ,“50%”,”70%” concentration. The area of use of white Masterbatches where the quality level is of utmost importance are applications where Technical Plastics are used. White goods, Small Household Appliances, Compound Industry, Injection applications, etc. White Masterbatches used during the processing of Technical Plastics must possess high heat stabilization values. Furthermore, due to the fact that products manufactured using Technical Plastics are Consumer Durables, UV resistance of the White Masterbatches used during their production is also very important. In such products where appearance is valued, various different tones of White Masterbatches are used instead of plain white.

Black Masterbatch

Marina Fajr Qeshm is presently the company  which is engaged in suplly of Black Masterbatch in a corporate sense. MFQ has gotten ahead of the imported Black Masterbatches with its product quality and capacity improved over the years. The quality level of Black Masterbatches is determined by the characteristics of Carbon Black they contain and the production processes. Black Masterbatches must possess a harmonious dispersion and sufficient concentration levels. Furthermore, they must meet blackness intensity, brightness and covering requirements. Black Masterbatches are used in applications such as Film Packaging, Pipes, Automotive, Compound, Panels, Injection, Cables, etc. Furthermore, it may not be possible to achieve the same results with Black Masterbatches in every process. For this reason, only recommended products must be used. It is important that the Black Masterbatches used in Film & Packaging applications provide the required blackness and covering on the product. No “particle” problems must occur on the film during the application. Along with economical products we offer to the market for use in product groups such as Water pipes, Corrugated pipes, Drip Pipes, Sprinkler Pipes.

Colored Masterbatch

every brilliant color conception supply  in the Marina Fajr Qeshm state-of-the art laboratory. The color matching and formulation services carried out make it easier to blend custom colors to suit your needs. The Marina Fajr Qeshm laboratory is equipped with world-class color matching and quality control facilities to match or develop color masterbatch according to customer requirements.

The display of various color shades in our company  that takes the customers through the standard color masterbatch.

Since color and opacity performance can vary with thickness, letdown, polymer selection and processing conditions, customers are recommended to test all products to determine their suitability for individual applications. Suitable carrier polymers are used to formulate masterbatch for Polyamide, PE, PP and PET film production. Marina Fajr Qeshm offers a vast range of Color masterbatch ranging from light to dark colors, transparent to opaque colors and normal to specialty (pearlized and marble) colors depending on customer’s requirements on color shades, color strength, product specifications, processes and applications.