Cunial continues to urge her fellow political leaders

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Cheap Jerseys china In announcing the review, the FBI, a frequent target of President Donald Trump wrath, is stepping into a case that has become a rallying cry for Trump supporters and doing so right as the Justice Department pushes back against criticism that its recent decision to dismiss the prosection was a politically motivated effort to do Trump bidding.The GuardianMissouri hairstylist may have exposed 91 people to Covid 19, officials sayA Missouri hairstylist may have exposed 91 customers and coworkers to coronavirus, public health officials cheap nfl jerseys said, after the state governor allowed businesses including salons to reopen on 4 May. The stylist who tested positive for Covid 19 worked at a salon in Springfield on eight different days while experiencing coronavirus symptoms. Because the stylist and the customers wore face coverings, health officials said on Friday, they hoped the interactions would lead to “no additional cases”. Cheap Jerseys china

wholesale jerseys from china She added that Italy lockdowns were completely unnecessary and were only implemented to advance the globalist agenda, which as we know is being largely spearheaded by Gates and his vaccine agenda.Cunial continues to urge her fellow political leaders to wake up to what is going on and reject it. She warns that any attempt at compulsory vaccination with a future Wuhan coronavirus (COVID 19) vaccine is a deep state plot to consolidate power and control the our children who will lose more, who are souls, with the help of the so called of their rights and of CISMAI (Italian Coordination of Services against Child Abuse), Cunial stated as part of her speech, warning about the devastating impacts of all of this on Italy and really the world precious children.this way, the right to school will be granted only with a bracelet to get them used to probation, to get them used to slavery involuntary treatment and to virtual lager. All this in exchange for a push scooter and a tablet. wholesale jerseys from china

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