But you’ll also notice several large oak trees

The city is known around the world for its incredible entertainment, casinos, restaurants, and hotels. It’s the best place to indulge in anything your heart desires. It’s a great place to play poker, see a live show or two (such as a Cirque du Soleil show), treat yourself to a nice meal, and party it up Vegas style.

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We have recently received multiple questions about when to put out nest boxes and bird houses, a sign that spring is on everyone’s mind despite our recent weather. The real estate market for a lot of our cavity nesting species may already be past its initial peak, but the answer is that it is never too late to put up a nesting box. Many of the species that are already using boxes, like Eastern bluebirds or black capped chickadees, are likely to have multiple broods each year, so even if you missed their first attempt, you can be ready for the second..

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